オーストリアでの3・11行動へのNAZEN連帯メッセージ A solidarity message of NAZEN to 3.11 action in Vienna

On March 11, the first anniversary of Fukushima nuclear accident, so many people will take actions all over the world. In Austria, “Committee in solidarity with the toilers in Japan” will organizes an assembly in front of the Japanese embassy in Vienna. They support the slogans of NAZEN and Doro-Chiba: Shut down all nuclear plants! The capitalists shall pay for their catastrophe, not the workers and toilers!
The following is a message to friends of Austria written by ODA Yosuke, the director-general of NAZEN(No Nukes All Japan Network).
*The message is quoted from a blog of NAZEN(http://blog.nazen.info/


A solidarity message from Japan to friends in Austria


Dear friends, joining in the protest action against Japanese embassy in Vienna,
I would like to thank you for your solidarity action on behalf of Japanese people. Responding to such warm and strong solidarity action, I pledge that we will overcome the wound of the earthquake disaster with the power of solidarity and will pursue responsibility for the earthquake disaster and nuclear accident of those institutions: the government, financial community, including first of all TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company), court, mass medias, scholars who promotes nuclear policy of government and executive officers of corrupt labor unions. We will keep fighting with you until the day we achieve fundamental change of this society.


March 11 has become a historic day. I mean it not as a disastrous incident in the natural history caused by huge earthquake but as a significant event in the social and human history, rather the history of class struggle. “March 11” has revealed us how Neo-liberal policy has destroyed our lives and exposed the brutal reality of the present society to the whole public. Thus it triggered a wide-scale struggle of all layers of people, ranging from mothers, young people, rank and file workers of labor unions, farmers, fishermen to artists, who have become fully aware of what is really happening to them.

Today, Japanese people are in “mourning” of the death of 20,000 people fallen in the past worst disaster. However, there are obviously two kinds of “mourning”, distinctly different in the character. One is the people’s mourning with deep sorrow at losing their invaluable families and friends. The other is a ceremony staged by the government side. It is nothing but an offensive against people to cover up their crimes and to evade their responsibilities by mobilizing even the emperor. They are crying out: “Don’t fight on the day of mourning” to oppress people’s anger. However, we are rising up for angry demonstrations all over Japan, including first of all Fukushima (Kohriyama city). The sorrow of the people in the affected regions is so deep and is ready to burst out into an action of fierce anger against the shameless band of criminals who try to escape their responsibility.

The government and financial community show no reflection or regret. Our struggle has just begun. We have to stop by all means the government’s attempt of restarting nuclear power plants, the attempt covered by a deceitful campaign of “safety” of nuclear installations, while the children of Fukushima are forced to be exposed by radiation. Moreover, they don’t conceal their intention of atomic armament. We have to bring forward our struggle to abolish nuclear weapons in solidarity with fighting people in Okinawa. (There are a large number of U.S. military bases in Okinawa)


Above the all, our most important task is to create class-oriented labor movement. In decommissioning operation of reactors of Fukushima daiichi nuclear plant, a large number of irregularly-employed workers are exposed by radiation forced by discriminatory circumstances. The government and capitals keep reproducing a structure that divides workers and make workers’ life disposable goods for their profit. Moreover, under the name of “recovery” or restoration from the disaster, they aim to lower the standard of minimum wages to workers of affected area and to privatize everything like water service, roads, schools and municipality. They also make use of people of Fukushima as a guinea pig to attract medical instrument corporations and drug companies from all over the world.
We have to counter these offensives by the creation of militant labor movement. Furthermore, people of Fukushima have started a project to construct in Fukushima people’s own clinic which is independent from the government to overturn such reality. We earnestly ask your support for this project across the sea.

 本日オーストリアで行動に立ち上がられたみなさんは、“Pray for Japan”といった、階級的な責任を不鮮明にして国家の枠組みにおいて「一致団結」するようなまやかしを見抜き、闘いの3・11を選んだすばらしい方々であろうと思います。お願いしたいことは、職場や地域、キャンパスから闘い、階級的な労働運動や学生運動を甦らせるために闘っていただきたいということです。世界大恐慌と国家破産の時代において、資本のいう「復興」には絶望以外に何も込められていない以上、私たちは資本主義の限界を突破する力を運動の中につくりださなければならないからです。

We admire your courage and insight in deciding to commemorate March 11th in Austria on the side of our fighting Japanese people against the government’s attempt to organize fake national unity under the hypocritical slogan, “Let’s pray for Japan” to obscure the responsibility of the state and capital.
We consider it urgent now to revitalize class-oriented labor movement and militant student movement and hope that you will fight in your own workplaces, communities and campuses for this common purpose. In carrying out our movement, we have to create the power to overcome capitalism because in the era of global economic crisis and state bankruptcy, “recovery” promoted by capital means nothing but desperation.

It is with a mixed feeling that we face the situation, in which the struggle of Japanese people has become the global focus by the name of Fukushima, following the names of other disasters, namely Hiroshima-Nagasaki, Bikini and Okinawa (casualties because of US bases there). We are partly regrettable for all that, but on the other part, we also feel our great responsibility and ample perspective because the struggle of Japan now occupies such an important position to change the whole world.
Let’s keep on fighting together persistently and cheerfully, promoting mutual trust until we succeed to change the society. I am sure that we will be able to see before long and shake hands somewhere.


すべての原発いますぐなくそう! 全国会議

  事務局 織田 陽介 

March 11, 2012
NAZEN (No Nukes All Japan Network)
Director-general ODA Yosuke